Shopping online Malaysia (:

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
Assalamualaikum (: 

Let’s face it, there are many reasons in the world to shop online (:
Personally, me as a student. I prefer shopping online more than shopping at the mall. The reasons are, there are so many things I can buy through website and Instagram just by scrolling and choose the one I want (such a lazy person, yeah!) it can actually save your time. You can shopping while studying for your final examination or when you're about to sleep. The shopping time are very flexible! The bargains are there, the shopping is secure and shipping is quite fast. Not to mention even returns are pretty much easy to be made online, of course if you shop on the right online shopping website. In this modern world, shopping has never been easier or more convenient for us like today.

However, it is very important for you ladies to keep in mind that there are bad guys lay in wait to trick you. Buy hey, stay calm, stats regarding those guys somewhat alarming but should not keep us from having the benefits of shopping online. We simply need to follow the most basic guidelines to shop online securely. Let’s see 5 guidelines for shopping online Malaysia that are crucial for us to learn before start shopping online!


  1. Remember to only use familiar websites that you know and trust. Do not solely trust on search engines because search results can be rigged to lead you to sites that are not secure just created to rip you off.
  2. ALWAYS look for the lock symbol. Never buy anything online using your credit or debit card from a site that doesn’t have the locked padlock icon.
  3. Do no tell all. Online shopping websites should not ask for your social security number or your birthday to do business.
  4. Look and check your bank statements to make sure there are no any fraudulent charges and do this regularly to keep your account safe.
  5. Protect your PC, laptop or device against malware by updating regularly with anti-virus program. 

Follow the guidelines and shopping happily! 

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