Happy birthday (:

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Alhamdullillah, officially sweet 20. 

Apa beza umur 20 dengan 19? Hahah waktu nineTEEN, sekarang dah twenTY. Rasa jugaklaa perbezaan yang ketara. Rasa dah semakin TUA. Sebenarnya, 20 tu sekadar angka, tanda dah dua puluh tahun masihi Allah pinjamkan nyawa kepada kita, dan bila-bila pun Dia boleh ambil kita kembali kepada Dia. 

I'm not a little girl anymore.But, I'm forever baba girl heheh.

So, today I decide to write a post about a letter to myself. May forever, I never forget that the journey is not forever. Soon, I'll arrive at the destination I choose, whether heaven or hell *nauzubillahi min zalik*. May, Allah gives me more time, to be better Muslimah and ease my journey toward His blessing. And, I pray may all people that wish me with the best wishes on my 20 birthday, may Allah grant you paradise. Amin ya Rabb.

Dear Mawaddah, for your 20-year-old-self,

Appreciate and love people who are in your life especially your family. Make them happy and proud of you. One of their happiness is when you are healthy and success in your life. Be a good daughter to your parents. Now, they are the key of your life, their do'as and prayers are the most magical things that you have now. Don't be a burden to them and don't make them despair and sad with you.

Please be happy and healthy. Live your life to the fullest. Do whatever you want and wish in your life. Gain weight and live like normal healthy people do. Don't let sad, despair, anxious and stress be your friends. It's okay to be sad, but know that Allah is always there for you.

Be a good Muslim. Be a good servant to your God, ar-Rahman. May He bless you in dunya and aakhirah. Don't ever get tired to work for your deen. Without Allah, you're nothing. 

Mawaddah, Allah has written the best taqdir for you. Always and always be grateful.

Love yourself and never give up. Achieve your dream. Be happy and stay pretty hahah (:

Happy birthday, dearself. 

yourself (: