Dream House

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Actually, this post is only about something I wish I could have, one day. My future husband doesn't need to worry and concern about this post, hahaha *maybe you should start saving your money errrr* Just kidding, man hehehe. It doesn't matter if the house is small and far away from the city because the things matter is the people who live with you. *cehhh*

Erm macam rumah dalam cerita dongeng 

Modern. Simple. Elegant

I wish I could build this house for my parents, one day.
So, the first thing is my dream room. Actually, one of my hobbies during my semester break is blog walking and watch youtube vlog. I really really envy those people who make a vlog about their room tour and diy deco. I don't know why, but my room is a complete mess *huarggggh* because of too many things in my room and not forget I share my room with my cat, oyen.

I really really love those bling bling light
Enough with all those beds hahaha, after all the most favourite thing is always sleep. Next, the thing I wish is -- haha you will find out in those pic I borrow from pinterest.

Makeup space! Haha. ps/ taca mesti tengah gelak sambil guling-guling. Okey nak cakap BM plak nie penat dah speaking. Okey, sebenarnya, aku tak pakai makeup. My skincare routine is really really simple (erm next next topic maybe?) tapi, sebagai gegurl ooops tak woman oops adult? teenager? haha its a normal thing write to have a makeup table. Sekurang-kurangnya boleh daydreaming depan tu? 

Future wardrobe hahaha 

Laluan ilmu hahah

Almari yang cukup untuk my babiesss (books)

This is really really the most important thing.
Impian setiap surirumah *maybe* or beginner domestic engineer macam aku hahah. Aku harap ade iron philips yang magic boleh hilangkan kedut pada baju secara sekelip mata. Harga dia ribu gak aa. Kena kumpul duit dari sekarang hahaha. Senang nak gosok baju kerja awak nanti *eheh**kenyit mata* hahahaha.

Okey, sekarang kena start kumpul duit and make the dreams come true! (:

Thanks for reading people! (:

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  1. That's so cool! suka sangat lampu bling2 tu jugak. hehee. and teringin nak ada makeup table tu and yes, at least kita boleh berangan =D